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SOSC 2480 Midterm: Intro to African Studies midterm review

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Social Science
SOSC 2480
Paul Idahosa

Short Answers: 1. Belief System and institutions a. i.e. marriage and kinship i. Definition of marriage and kinship ii. Two sources: Economic autonomy in order to have power this is needed. Having control over your own household and income 1. Example Africa in contemporary perspective a. Women in Kenya married other women for economic stability and this is a dominant and submissive relationship 2. Example: Wendi Kuna (Movie) a. Structure of marriage in the community (i.e., the mother was expelled from the community and needed to find an alternative source to provide for the family. iii. RELATE TO MODERN DAY AFRICA 2. Africa and the Environment a. Define Africa, give examples of the region i.e. Sahara, Sahel, savannah, rainforests and significance i. Two Sources: 1. In lecture 2: naming of Africa and its regions. Examples the name of Nigeria is the Portuguese word for black also the major city Lagos is named after the regions characteristics since its swampy and lagoon like by its colonizers. The Sahara desert means desert in Arabic. 2. Africa: a brief introduction Africa is a continent bestowed with resources, yet only negative images dominate its portrayal in both academic scholarship and popular media. Africas rocks and its soils are ancient, and for the purpose of agriculture are very poor. ii. Key point, talk about how the slave merchants believed it to be land of abundant and untapped resources. 3. Autonomous Africa: a. Definition: Africa before the determination of othersnot the actual separation of the continent itself. Prior to colonization, impeaching of the Europeans on the already established African nations. The nations were not credible because they were seen as ungoverned tribes. i. Two Sources 1. Africa a Brief Introduction: Africa before determinations others would place upon it; who makes choices, imposing their will onto losing society in war. No longer are Africans seen as simply responding to the imposition of alien rule by either outright resistance or selfinterested collaboration.
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