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The City in History: Reading Guide The Myth of Megalopolis Chapter 17 #1-12

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Social Science
SOSC 2730
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The City in History Reading Guide The Myth of Megalopolis Chapter 17 1121 What is metropolitan civilizationThis metropolitan civilization contains within itself the explosive forces that will wipe out all traces of its existence and to make plans for the future without taking account of this fact is to betray one of the typical symptoms of that divorce from reality which has characterized the current exploitation of the scientific agents of mass destruction p5252 Mumford states the increase in the area of arable land the improvement of agriculture the spread of population and the multiplication of cities have gone hand in hand throughout history 525 What is the nature of this relationship according to Mumford What is the classic cycle of civilization that Mumford speaks of 525Many countries are now entering an era when the urban population will not merely be greater than the rural population but when the actual area occupied or preempted by urban growth will rival that devoted to cultivation One of the signs of this change has been the increase in the number area and population of great cities Megalopolis is fast becoming a universal form and the dominant economy is a metropolitan economy in which no effective enterprise is possible without a close tie to the big city p5253 What does Mumford think about the role of continuous growth in cities of the mid20th century How does he make his case What evidence does he usePossibly one of the reasons for the oftrepeated urban cycle of growth expansion and disintegration as I suggested earlier lies in the very nature of civilization itself We have seen that in many instances the city tends to encase the organic manysided life of the community in petrified and overspecialized forms that achieve continuity at the expense of adaptation and further growth The very structure of the city
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