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The City in History: Reading Guide Commercial Expansion and Urban Dissolution Chapter 14 #21-30

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Social Science
SOSC 2730
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The City in History Reading Guide Commercial Expansion and Urban Dissolution Chapter 14 213021 Why was it considered to be a desirable feature of the Commercial City to have a significant proportion of the population that was unemployed or very close to unemployedFrom the standpoint of the working classes the period was one of increasing exploitation and with regard to their quarters one of increasing dilapidation and constriction For now space like time was money To understand the source of this congestion apart from the desire for wringing profits out of the necessities of the poor unable like their economic thsuperiors to bargain and withhold acceptance one must realize that by the 17 century destitution had been accepted as the normal lot in life for a considerable part of the population Without the spur of poverty and famine they could not be expected to work for starvation wages Misery at the bottom was the foundation for the luxury at the top p43222 The wretched quality of the housing that the urban poor lived in spawned its own set of sociopolitical problems What were these problems and how were they death withThe new ground plan often produced on paper the appearance of order and spaciousness but the new building in the mercantile city undermined the very pretense of these qualities by introducing hitherto unheard of degrees of congestion making universal bad practices that in most cities before the seventeenth century had at worst only been occasional almost accidental This regimentation in time affected every part of the city but first of all it affected the dwellings of the poor The ground rents rose and the living quarters worsened This indifference to the elementary necessities of hygiene or amenity characterized the development of the commercial town summing up the whole downward movement of building and h
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