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SOSC 2730
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SOSC CULTURE OF CITIES QUIZMODULES 123Module 1Sanctuary Village StrongholdThe city is a process of the past that eventually gets buried beneath the older it getswe must understand the historic nature of the cityMust first look to past history to understand the city as a process progressiveMust follow city trail backwards to original city componentsPaleolithic Stone Age stone tools producedNeolithic New Stone Age human technologiesNeolithic Revolution beginning of farmingCopper Age Iron Agewidespread of metal toolsCrystallization of the CitystUrbanization taking characteristic of a city to create a larger city 1 known use in 1888Village now turning into a cityOld village components incorporated in city developments but used in NEW wayleaving room for advancementsRoles now advancing primitive jobs from village such as hunter shepherd peasant turn into miner fisherman boatmanCity membersroyalty began to overpower villagers force them to workin new urban society wisdom of the old meant nothingMesopatamian Cityimportant value now emphasized for the environmentprogressCulture arts customs habits values history anything constituting ones way of lifeUrban culturedominant cultureCity a settlement with important status that separated itself from a town
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