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SOSC 2800 Final: SOSC2800 Final Exam Review

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Social Science
SOSC 2800
Merouan Mekouar

SOSC 2800 Final Exam Review September 19: History of development I Questions: 1. Compare and contrast colonialism in the Americas, Asia, and Africa Colonialism in the Americas natives extinct after a few generations Latin America achieved independence earlier on than Asia and Africa (50 years earlier) Lasting consequences of slave trade Latin America extracted gold and silver In Africa the climate leading Europeans to go to more tropical locations In Asia it was divide and conquer method Asia resisted to rule, the indigenous rulers were bribed by Europeans to influence their followers in Asia 2. Compare and contrast France and Britains different strategies of colonialism French colonialism; Focused on centralization (notion of power being concentrated in France) and assimilation Indigenous societies and their cultural systems were seen as inferior to French culturesocial organization Thus French colonial powers enabled colonial subjects to fully assimilate to French culture (language, education, appearance etc.) The french approach was not racialist French viewed themselves as superior not because of race, but due to culture (cultured) Thus, if indigenous people fully assimilated, they would be seen as equal to the French The French colonial administration was incredibly resource draining; expensive, required new infrastructure and socialpoliticaleducational systems The administration either broke up existing leadership or provided local leaders with recognition and ruled through them (ex. Indigenous elite in Senegal) British colonialism; Not centred on assimilation Rather, those who attempted to assimilate were seen as suspicious and looked down upon Less centralization than in France
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