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Social Science
SOSC 3363
Maura Matesic

READING: Research Limitations - Funding (i.e. government grants) - Uncontrollable variables such as lack of information provided by an institution - Redress in the sense of flexibility to produce outcomes without a time restraint - Filters (institutions [correctional facility] holding an internal review process for access information - Unpredictability of institutions - The lack of preparedness of socio-legal scholars to overcome diverse and inconsistently applied barriers to institutional data has two serious implications for the production of socio-legal research. o First, it has the potential to derail the proposed research design that has been confirmed by funding bodies. o Second, if socio-legal scholars continue to inconsistently navigate institutional barriers to data access, the results presented in socio- legal scholarship may become skewed. There is potential for socio- legal scholarship to become limited to research involving those few institutions where access to data can be readily sought and will be granted. Lecture: Correct to use the term Participant, not research subject* - Research subject implies you are superior, participant implies a more equal relationship. Voluntary participation - Research involves an invasion of privacy - We need to keep in mind people are doing us a favor o We are often intruding upon peoples lives, their personal information, people must agree to participate voluntary, and is there a reward? o People must have the freedom to withdraw during anytime Instrument = questionnaire or a survey - When working with an instrument, don’t ask questions that don’t relate - Don’t ask nosy unnecessary questions Consent form: - Include a description of who you are - How you got participants to participate in the survey o Why they were selected - Why you are doing
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