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York University
Social Science
SOSC 3380
Paul Craven

Montreal vs Locomotive works 1. Who is the appellant City of Montréal a. Respondent was a company – Montreal Locomotive Works 2. What is the forum a. This is an appeal to SCC from a unanimous decision judgement in King’s Bench in Quebec 3. Whose decision 4. What is the issue between the parties, how does it arise a. If Montreal Locomotive Works was OCCUPANT of the land, or it was Government property, if they had to pay property tax or not, relates to If the respondent was servant or agent of the Crown, or private contractor 5. How does question of employment relate a. If the company was PRIVATE CONTRACTOR, it would be OCCUPANT, therefore have to pay taxes. IF AGENT of THE CROWN, wouldn’t pay taxes 6. What tests are applie
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