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Social Science
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Tracy Supruniuk

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2110 Exam Review X-Ray - Inventor: Willhelm Roetgen, German physicist 1895 - Medical tech that takes pictures inside of living human body to see things patients couldn’t - When 1 introduced used as a fad for rich people not used as medical tech - Continue to the rise of biomedicine b/c it was 1 of the 1 huge machines technology in western biomedicine this meant biomedicine had to become centralized to western biomedicine hospitals and how x-rays changed doctor patient relationships instead of doctor going to your home you have to go to the hospital b/c machinery too big to transport - Continue to medicalization because it looks at the body in terms of functioning parts rather than holistically, taking x-ray of specific parts of the body - Compartmentalization of human body, relates to Foucault’s “The Gaze” because the x-ray gives us a gaze into the human body and parts of it - Important because of technological imperatives because it technology didn’t exist its wrong for western biomedicine not to use stricter reading, reproductive tech and how it strips power from patients because if you don’t use the technology its wrong - Changes doctor patient relationships from touching/intimacy/feel bodies to using machinery and tech distances relationship - Daniel Callaghan’s theory of the conquest of death because globally as a medical technology they exist to prolong life not quality but quantity. Talk about the movie life support and how many days it took for him to pass because his wife had to make the decision to remove him off of life support - Related to professional hierarchies because as new technologies is introduced into western biomedicine, new jobs and new specialties rise ex. Different people involved in deciphering x-rays Deepak Chopra - Holistic new age guru – author of 25 books, 100+ videos + CD titles - Believes everyone can reach a state of perfect health through positive thinking - Ayurveda traditional Indian system of medicine > positive thinking + quantum healing - Relates to the autonomist group because he has separate and distinct knowledge from others, knowledge that is specialized. He has a professional monopoly of being, one of the few to have the knowledge. Restricted entry to the info self regulating and self licensing Norton of service - Contrast western biomedicine because instead of taking place in a formal hospital with lots of medicine + rules + education + clinical investigation it promotes an alternative way of healing - Doesn’t follow Michael Foucault’s “The Gaze” because instead of physicians reducing patients it seeks to make patients more whole and thinking positively - Relates to the movie “Not your Home” because the hospital is caring for the older patients physically and not emotionally whereas Ayurveda seeks to aid the emotional needs in order to help the physical - Medicalization: Builds doctor/patient relationships because it is focused more on touch and intimacy when having a massage, a more spiritual outlook because of yoga - Medicalization: Sees the body, mind and spirit as working together for holistic then seeing them the body as parts performing different functions - Relates to the reading Relief, Risk and Renewal: Mixed Therapy Regimens in an Australian Suburb because it explores alternative and complimentary medicine (CAM) 24% of interviewees in the Australian suburb uses non biomedical therapies, natural therapies vs. pharmaceuticals Deepak Chopra preaches natural therapy and remedy to healing Medicalization - The way the jurisdiction of modern medicine has expanded in recent years and now it encompasses many problems that were formerly weren’t defined as medical entities - When medicine interferes with natural process of the body ex. Viagra helps males with their thing - ‘Normal’ health condition redefined as a medical condition - Process of colonization and power dynamic professional hierarchy doctors are always above nurses - Michael Foucault’s “The Gaze” because it focuses more on medicine and less on the patients actual health perspective - Relates to the technological imperative because since technology and medicine is available we have to use it, it is indispensable - Compartmentalization of body > Michael Foucault’s the gaze reduces a human to body parts rather than a person - Daniel Callaghan’s + ‘necessary’ use of medical technologies prolonging life at all costs, doesn’t matter equality but since its existed its necessary - The conquest of death > medicalization of death and dying, death is the end goal of biomedical technology, problematic focus on goal of defeating death (aka people go to great measures to sustain life) death is organized + understood in medical setting. Ignored other important goals like pain management - Relates to the movie Life Support because it shows how long it took for the husband to because the wife didn’t want to let him go even though he was only live because of medicine and machines that took over his body’s natural process no quality of life only quantity - Relates to the reading Mothering with Ritalin in a Culture of Mother Blame because it shows mothers giving their children Ritalin as a quick fix for the common treatment of ADHD, medicine cures all mentality, medicine is the quick fix for all health problems even if they aren’t serious health issues Cisapride - PREPULSID, marketed by Janssen-Ortho Inc., is a prescription drug indicated for the treatment of gastro paresis, which is refractory to lifestyle modifications, antacids, and gastric acid reducing agents. - The decision to withdraw PREPULSID from the market is founded on the association of the drug with serious cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac deaths between the time it was introduced in 1990-2000 - The continuing occurrence of such adverse events, despite several letters to health care professionals and changes to the Product Monograph, has led to the conclusion that the risks associated with PREPULSID are not manageable in the setting of licensed drug use. - Drug companies regularly give information, samples and gifts to doctors in order to get them to prescribe their drugs to their patients - Pharmaceut
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