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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

General CommentsThis is a very strong answer 1315 because it takes a balanced approach to discussing the strengths and appropriateness of behavioural approaches to management and it is wellsupported with examplesSpecific Comments The answer begins with a very good definition of behavioural approaches which taps into the human side of organizational life The reference to Mayo as a key theorist is useful An example is provided and the student explains how this company reflects the behavioural approachThe student makes good use of his personal work experience and moreover ties this experience to Folletts ideasKey Recommendations for Improving this Answer Use of the terms valid and invalid is problematic hereand throughout the essay including the final sentenceThe answer ends very weakly and vaguely A brief conclusion is especially important in this type of answer where two different approaches have been discussed Certainly there should be some effort to indicate that the strength of either approach to management connects closely to the type of product the nature of employees the nature of the industry etc Part IIEssay Question 1 The Behavioural Approaches to management are the only way to succeed in todays business environment Discuss this statement by drawing on relevant examples from the course or from your own experience 15 marksBehavioural approaches to management are managerial perspectives that consider the social and human side of organizations This approach says that to achieve maximum productivity an understanding of human needs is essential There are both valid and invalid points to this statement It is true that many successful companies follow the behavioural approaches of Elton Mayo who says that organizations are social systems and that managing invo
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