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SOCI 1010
Jeff Landry

General CommentsThis answer scored 12515 Its strength is that it addresses the question directly and shows a balanced understanding of the key concepts The student commences with a clear thesistype statement which signals to the reader she is critically evaluating the given statementEffective use is made of examples discussed in class eg Smuckers McDonalds and FedEx A brief discussion of each of these companies outlines how key dimensions of either behavioural or scientific approaches to management can be effectiveSpecific Commentsa rather simplistic definition of behavioural approaches It could have been improved by noting that these This is approaches focus on organizations as social systemwhile acknowledging their human side and how this impacts on performanceKey Recommendations for Improving this Answer Make reference to key theorists by name eg Mayo Parker Follett This signals to the reader that the student is aware that concepts and theories evolve and are constructed by thinkers and are not merely factsThe structure and readability of this answer would have been improved by using paragraphs andor subheadings Paragraphs are generally unified around a main point Key concepts might also have been underlined Compose a concluding paragraph indicating awareness that neither approach to management guarantees success It might also include specific reference to themes such as the nature of the product the nature of respective employees the nature of the industry and its contextand how each of these impact on which approach may be most suitable or effectivePart IIEssay Question 1 The Behavioural Approaches to management are the only way to succeed in todays business environment Discuss this statement by dr
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