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SOCI 1010
Deborah Davidson

ASSOCI 1010 Fall Test Essay Preparation Guide Short Essay QuestionsInstructions Prepare all three questions I will pick one of the exact same questions on the date of the test 1 question x 10 marks10 marksPrepare to write an essay with an introduction body and conclusion hint write up an outline of your main points then practice writing the essay from your memory of the outline As you prepare notice how each question contains some specific ideas or points that you should cover in your essay Note The questions are written in a lengthy format to give you as much information as possible in order to prepare your answer You are required to write a 48 page short essaydouble spacedin your exam booklet write a maximum of 8 pages Be selective in what you will cover to answer the question1You have been asked by your Professor in another course to give a guest lecture on what I learned in introduction to sociology You decide to talk about the sociological imagination Use this essay to prepare for your guest lecture Referring to the work of C Wright Mills first describe the sociological imagination including the central concepts Then apply the sociological imagination to either a contemporary social problem or a personal issue Conclude your essay by stressing why you think this way of thinking illustrates the importance of sociology as a discipline 2You have been asked to conduct original sociological research on social inequality in Canadian society Before you can begin this research use this essay to do some important background work In this essay explain how you understand social inequality Discuss what you would specifically research and how under the broad area of social inequality Conclude your essay by arguing why we need to continue to research social inequality as sociologists
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