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SOCI 2030
Secil Erdogan- Ertorer

Standing Together Bystanders Inc. Date: November 19, 13 Study Name: Effect of bystander Intervention on Crime Researchers: Nick, Chantel, Andy, Grace Purpose of the Research: To determine the effects of the intervention of a bystander towards a crime. What You Will Be Asked to Do in the Research: You will be asked a series of questions and will be expected to answer as truthfully and accurately as possible, including all details that may be deemed relevant in this study. The duration will be approximately one-to one and a half hours. Risks and Discomforts: We do not anticipate any risks or discomforts in this study for you, however for some recalling the memories of a crime may be difficult. We acknowledge the fact that talking about certain events may be difficult, and we encourage that you inform the researcher if you feel overwhelmed. Benefits of the Research and Benefits to You: One can benefit from this research with a positive reflection of their actions, and helping others understand what kind of effect intervention will have on a crime. Your participation may have a beneficial effect on the wellbeing of society. Voluntary Participation: Participation in this study is entirely voluntary, and participants are free to withdraw from the study at any time, preferably with a one-day notice. Upon withdrawal you may choose whether or not yo
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