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Sociology 2060 Quiz 1 Review2.docx

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York University
SOCI 2060
David Toews

Sociology 2060 Quiz 1 Review Language  Problems: Ambiguity - Philosophers saw it as a weakness  Early 1900s science was the way the world was shaped, high optimism  Philosophers aided scientists with Language in science  Language shapes out forms of life, that are social - common sense communication  Wittgenstein - used reverse language - strengths of lang. over weaknesses - perception (lion) Herbert Mead  Symbols separate humans from aminals  Symbols is social communication  Founder of SI Pragmatism  Practical, matter of fact approach in dealing with problems/soltuions  Idea of knowledge and truth (epistemology) Naturalism  To study what is observed  Evolution vital in Mead’s theory - natural selection - humans have the quality to think ~ is a social process Behaviorism  Study of social life is the study of behavior  Shaped by stimulus and response Social Interactionism  Respond to meanings of things, over the actual object - cat dies  Interaction shapes meanings, imply use of symbols Names  Establish labels/meanings - shaped based on reaction Consequences of Symbols  Creativity of beings  Immer
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