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SOCI 2510 Exam Review Questions and Answers

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York University
SOCI 2510
Michael Palamarek

CHAPTER 11Michelle is a 32 year old black Canadian college graduateThinking sociologically we might expect that she is most likely to marry a35 year old black Canadian man who is a college graduate2On average how many children is a Canadian woman likely to haveTwo3Who suggested that society reflected not the perfection of God so much as the failings of a selfish human natureThomas Hobbes4A socialconflict analysis of sports points outThat the games people play reflect their social standings5 is a statement of how and why specific facts are related Theory6 is defined as any relatively stable pattern of behaviourSocial Structure7What behaviour by landowners characterized the enclosure movementFencing off more and more farmland to create grazing areas for sheep8Seeing the general in the particular is one way to defineThe sociological perspective9 refers to the consequences of any social pattern for the operation of society as a wholeSocial Function10One criticism made of the socialconflict approach is itsIgnoring how shared values unify members of society11Based on Durkherims findings why would Protestants have had higher suicide rates than Catholics and JewsProtestants has lower levels of social integration12Consistent with Durkheims findings which category of the Canadian population has a suicide rate five times higher than those of other CanadiansAboriginal youth13Which of the following was one result of the European enclosure movementPeople sought out work in cities14What is positivismA way of understanding that is based on science15Which characteristic does middle and lowincome countries have in commonBoth kinds of countries suffer considerable social inequality with a few rich but many poor16Siobhan is in a sociology class and she is writing a paper on wage differences between male and female employeesWhat theoretical approach is she most likely to useGenderconflict17Changing the system of production by reducing smallscale manufacturing had what effect on societyPeople were taken out of their homes and former traditions were weakened 18What can we learn from applying the sociological perspectiveWhat we call common sense is not always the same as truth19The writings of Thomas Hobbes John Locke and Adam Smith shifted the focus from moral obligation to God and king toThe pursuit of selfinterest20Is Rosa is studying the sociological approach that takes the microlevel of analysis then she is studying theapproach to sociologySymbolicinteraction21How would social exchange analysis lead you to view courtshipPeople seek mates who can offer them at least as much as they offer in returnCHAPTER 2
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