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SOCI 3430
Hyun Ok Park

Explain the colorblind racism, focusing on four narratives and critiques in the reading by BonillaSilva et al. Storytelling: crucial to communication and defined as a social event instructing us about social processes, structures and situations we narrate our status and belief in social order relations Racial Ideology: broad racial framework used to make sense of the world societies structured dominance so it is likely that rulers will shape framework Colour Blind Racism: new racial structure in the postcivil rights era there has been a persistence of racial inequality despite legal changes racism becomes more common sense (liberal: everyone starts on the equal basis rejecting history, current inequality, and unequal starting points for individuals of different races common sense understanding from dominance, actors in diff positions and in diff contexts hold similar narratives to explain social reality through stories in daily life Two Types of Racial Stories: 1.Storylines: resemble legendsfables characters are often underdeveloped and are social types (black man) 2. Testimonies: impersonal generic arguments and ideological narrator is a central participant close to characters help gain sympathy from listeners personal experiences giving understanding of the world Dominant actors in racial system receive benefits at all levels racial outcomes are not the product of individuals but from racial domination into racial structure (shapes lives of races as all levels) Elements making up new racial structure: 1. Increasing covert nature of racial discourse and practice 2. Avoidance of racial terms white experience of reverse racism 3. Invisibility of most mechanisms reproducing social inequality 4. rearticulation of racial practices through covert practices (smiling face discrimination we dont have jobs now but please check later) Racial prejudice is now expressed subtly in a liberal laissez faire racism freedom of individuals individuality individual competition stating that blacks do not try hard enough to conquer prejudice expressed in language of American individualism also known as colourblind racism (denial of centrality of discrimination) view white as dominant race instead of prejudice Four Discourses (keep blacks in their new subordinate place) 1. The Past is the Past we must put racist past behind us let go to move on 2. I didnt own any slaves problem of both one and two, denying current racial inequality present generations not responsible for ills of slavery 3.If Jews, Italians and Irish have made it how come blacks have not? Bootstrapping Fallacy: stuck within a particular epoch the problem is that it equates all immigrants with each other 4. I didnt get a job because of a black man claim reverse discrimination of whites idea that less qualified minorities are getting into collegetaking jobs Traditional to Liberal Racism: Living Racism in the Everyday (Zamudio and Rios) Traditional racism is still prevalent discrimination with a smile Racism is rooted in rewards of white privilege and through institutions Two Typology (in traditional and liberal era) 1)No Doubt Racism: stereotypes of people of colour from traditional era (slangs, offensive language) stereotyping as othering: taken for granted normalcy, other than human, violence 2) Segregationist Racism making a social distance dating only whites, bringing minority perspectives into curriculum, beaners in uni town distance people of colour from whites both physical and psychological roots in traditional racism disenfranchised people of colour from white opportunities 3) Revisionist Racist liberal (colour blind racism) denial of racism (because I have a black friend, I am friendly to blacks) not racist (just grew up in the south) 4) Equal Opportunity Racism reverse discrimination:I wont be admitted into med school because I am not a minority race unfair advantage for those of colour: I would be an athlete if I was black
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