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SOCI 3430
Michael Nijhawan

History of the Passport by R. Mongia (Some of these points are taken out straight from the professors PowerPoint) Three main concepts/topics are nation, race and state in relation to the history of the modern passport. Analysis: passport is not only a technology reflecting certain understandings of race, nationality and state but was central to organizing and securing the modern definitions of these categories. 1 premise (argument): • What we understand as the nation-state (as a geopolitical body, ideology, and material reality) comes into existence, not before, but during the process of ‘raced migration’ – Raced migration: “non-state-assisted, ‘free’migration to Europe or to white settler colonies originating outside Europe”  Raced-migration that generates a state monopoly over migration practices and the passport gives us the modern overlap of the state, the nation and race.An overlap that produces “race” as a national attribute codified in the state document of the passport. 2 premise (argument): • In order to trace the history/genealogy of the modern nation-state (in the context of empire) we need to take into account the “global context of colonialism and racism” – Passport emerges in this context not just as a document, but as a mechanism to “nationalize” bodies – The term nationalize captures the intimate articulation between the terms “nation” and “state” even as it brings the unpredictability of this articulation into stark relief Why focus on the passport? – the passport emerges as a key technology • “to secure and organize the modern definition” of nation, state, race • the idea of “raced migration” effects the state monopoly over migration (freedom of movement) •
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