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SOCI 3480
J.Paul Grayson

Exercise #5 Automation of Production: All of our team members agree that automation of production has led to the growing importance of organizations in society because it has enabled them to increase their productivity while continuing to reach higher levels of efficiency. Fatima and Jessica believe that it has allowed organizations to organize large-scale divisions of labour so that optimum production efficiency is reached and mistakes are minimized thus, lowering costs. Eunmee added the fact that safety is also maintained at a higher level in which it directly benefits the workers and surrounding environment. Sharon and Kim both agreed that automation of production has also provided organizations with higher standards for a more consistent quality of product(s) being produced. The above benefits obtained by an organization due to automation of production are passed down to the surrounding society as they have east (?) access to large quantities of consistently high quality, low cost products. Increasing speed of communication: Majority of the people in our group communicated that the increasing speed of communication through the use of various technologies like e-mail and internet has created the ability for organizations to communicate in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. The benefit of increased efficiency of production equals lowered costs that can be passed down to consumers through affordable goods. Jessica added that communication technology has also enabled organizations to expand to remote locations because employees can access the tools necessary to complete the job easily. The ability to expand easily and quickly allows for greater accessibility to a larger portion of society, which can elevate their quality of life and promote job creation. It should be noted that Jessica also emphasized the fact that this type of remote work environment can also make an employee feel isolated. Eunmee had an interesting point when she mentioned that speed of communication allows organizations to reach consumers with new products before their competitors, giving them a competitive advantage. A negative aspect to rapid communication that Fatima spoke of is the potential for miscommunication. Such errors could be costly or potentially harmful to employees or the communities surrounding the organization. Globalization All group members believe that organizations operating on a global scale are able to take advantage of tax breaks, inexpensive labour and low overhead organizations conduct business across the globe in order to reduce costs. Jessica pointed out that the growth of globalization parallels the increasing speed of communication and as an organization grows into other parts of the world, it influences the cultures of the societies they come in contact with its shared ideals and work ethic. When an organization opens shop in a developing country it brings positive changes, such as stimulating local business, local business stimulation, job growth, and the possibility of a better quality of life. Exercise #6 Fatima, Jaspreet, Eunmee, Jessica and Kim all stated that the Historian would be assigned the task of establishing when the University was built and as Stephanie said, look into the “history, goals and premises to which it was built upon.” The advancements of the university and achievements of Students and faculty would also be aspects to focus on as most a majority of everyone in the group pointed out. Our whole group feels that the Economist would be best suited to audit the budget, calculating all profits and losses. Jessica and Eunmee would have special funding like bursaries and scholarships included in the budget. Jaspreet and Stephanie thought that it would very helpful to compare the budgetary findings with othe
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