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soci 3810 midterm exam 1

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SOCI 3810
Philip J Boyle

POLS 2900B September 19 Lecture SummaryAs I explained last time I will post summaries of my lectures on my Web site when I know that students will be absent on account of a religious observanceYork is normally open for business on religious holidays however university policy requires course directors to offer reasonable accommodation to students who miss class because of a religious observanceIt is up to course directors to determine what constitutes a reasonable accommodationMy solution is to post lecture summariesStudents who miss class for religious reasons like students who are absent on account of illness are well advised to attend office hours and address any questions they have to their TA andor the course directorI began todays lecture by reminding the class of what we covered last timeBook II returns the dialogue to the beginning by once again posing the question of whether the just or righteous life is superior to the unjust lifeIt is necessary to start over because the first book merely showed that the opinions concerning justice and injustice held by Cephaluis Polemarchus and Thrasymachus are selfcontradictoryFrom the point of view of Socrates and his companions a family of opinions pertaining to a concept like justice ought to be consistent with one anotherIf they are not we may conclude that the opinions are false to one degree or anotherSocrates begins to answer the challenge put forward by Glaucon and Adiemantus by proposing that they look for justice in the polis the citySocrates and his companions proceed to construct a city in speech by peopling it with an array of craftsmen as necessary to provide for the wants of the citys inhabitantsThe result is a subsistence economyEach man wor
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