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York University
SOCI 3820
Eric Mykhalovskiy

Theoretical perspectives Focus of analysis Structural functionalism It shows how various parts of society functions to maintain societal order Marxism Shows how many equal distribution of scarce resources in the capital society is based on class division and highlights who benefits in who is disadvantaged Weberianism Combined primary focus on agency with structuralist tendencies looks at how the increasing regulation of social life takes place and how this may stifle human creativity considered going to social inequality in conflict Symbolic Interactionism Emphasizes how individuals and small group interaction constructs social meanings to everyday settings to reproduce and change social patterns of behavior Feminism Consists a rain check stands better either Structuralist or agency focused. Concerned with gender inequality seeks to explain and change the unequal position of women in society Post Critiques theories based on universal truth and structuralist structuralism/postmodernisn assumptions. Concentrates on subjectivity diversity and fragmentation Governmentality A new form of power associated with 18th-century western you're concerned with regulating the health and welfare of the population. Emphasis on power as productive rather than negative. Focuses on the role played by expertise in encouraging practices through which we govern ourselves Medicalization A process by which nonmedical problems become defined and cheated as medical problems usually intransigent illness or disorders Neoliberalism
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