SOCI 3430 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Human Genome Project, Scientific Racism, Columbian Exchange

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Date: december 1st, 2015 location: curtis lecture hall c time: 8:30am 10:30am. Format: 25 multiple choice questions (50 marks) + 2 essays (50 marks) Based on all reading, lectures, tutorial presentations and documentaries. An ethnic group is a category of people who are distinguished, by others or themselves, on a basis of: physical characteristics, their personalities, cultural or nationality, their social system. Ethnic groups communities of individuals with a shared identity, language, history and culture, together with a sense of group belonging based on perceived ancestral links. Ethnic institutions sites or social spaces within which ethnic identity is produced and maintained over time. Child care concerns of women of colour. Mothers want to maintain the cultural and ethnic identity. Institutional completeness refers to the extent to which an ethnic group in a society forms organizations or voluntary institutions for and by its members.

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