SOSC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nuclear Family, Endocrine System, Family Values

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However, i think there is no right or wrong answer in that part as long as you can explain it: luddism is one of the biggest resistance of workers who feared that new technology will diminish employment. This movement began in 1811 and finished in 1817. Workers who protested against industrial revolution were called luddites. They feared technology, opposed technical changes, and acted in self-defense by destroying machines. This is not the only movement of workers. Similar resistance of workers was held between 1780 and 1840 where workers protested against child labour and bad working conditions (childhood by thompson, volume 1) which was also seen in. Luddism: race as social construct means that people are socially divided into different categories. According to augie fleras, all humans belong to a single biological species called homo sapiens, therefore, race is a social and not biological construct.