SOSC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: 1969 White Paper, The Bell Curve, Sociology Of The Family

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All the information below is informed by readings and lectures of 2012/2013. The study questions are completed to the best of my understanding at the current time; however, there may still be some mistakes/gaps. If you find any errors, please contact me so i can make the respective changes immediately. Thanks for your support, and best of luck in the exam! Part a define and state significance of five of the following concepts: the fur trade. In pre-confederation times, the british and the indigenous peoples of. North america engaged in a trade system to benefit both parties. As discussed in lecture, the natives would trade various types of furs, predominantly beaver; and the british traded european manufactured goods and tools such as guns. This trade was made possible mainly through, as. Innis highlights, a dependence on indigenous technologies like the canoe . Throughout the latter half of the trade, marked around the 17th century, the.