SOSC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jeremy Rifkin, Jackson Katz, Luddite

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Violent masculinity is a concept of a tough, strong, and powerful man introduced by jackson katz in the movie. This image of real man is often presented to young men through media where they see that being violent is normal. Because of this wrong characteristics of real man, young people perform violently which in turn increases the levels of violence, murder, and abuse. It can be compared to sex in traditional society that was studied earlier in the course. Traditionally real man was the one who was physically strong, clever, stubborn, and one who can provide for his family. Violence however, was not a characteristic of real man. We can see this transformation of real man even through toys for boys. Katz explains how boys" toys such as soldiers or super heroes are made more masculine than in the past which can also influence violent masculinity of boys in their early years.