SOSC 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Smallpox, Davis Inlet, Band Government

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Part a: 50% - 50 minutes: violent masculinity. Katz tough guise documentary: gendered role, social construct. Through media and toys young boys play with: patriarchal ideology. Dominating perception males must be powerful and controlling. Importance results in school shootings or domestic violence which katz argues is often degenderized: violence is often a cycle if a child is battered at a young age, they will repeat it in adulthood. Noble working class from 1811 in response to sewing power loom technology replacing them: counter ideology - luddites believe in a that technological change is not beneficial to society rejecting the new market economy. Importance noble is challenging orthodoxy and the derogatory use of luddite. Luddites simply acted in self-defence of their livelihood and dignity: franklin control and prescriptive technology. Control technology is used by the elite classes to influence the majority. Underlying class conflict: class control & marxism.