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Families/households & economy historically: families & work in early subsistence economy. Tip: you may find that reviewing the first semester article by renzetti and curran, the excerpt from armstrong and armstrong, along with your lecture notes and handouts for oct. 12 and oct. 19 useful here. 2: early colonization, pre-industrial period in canada. Tip: the chapter from phillips and phillips is particularly useful in providing information about the early pre-industrial and industrial period of work in canada from a gender based perspective: early industrialization in canada: Initial waged work for women: domestic work, textile factories, sewing or garment industry, biscuit and confectionary factories, teaching primary school. New jobs for women workers: shop girls, telephone operators, office/clerical work especially the war eras. Are there similarities with women"s work in the contemporary period: the war years. Explain: identify the major insights that you gained from watching the film.

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