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SOSC 1350 Study Guide - Leilani Muir, Relate, Genetic Testing

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

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The only portion of the British Empire which has officially adopted
permissive eugenical sterilization of the insane and feeble-minded
is the Province of Alberta… Alberta prefers to lead the followers
rather than to follow the leaders. To forestall any would-be wits,
permit me to say that 70% of Alberta’s insane are not natives of
this, the newest province in Confederation, but come from
countries outside of Canada…. Alberta’s accomplishment is only a
beginning… [The Sexual Sterilization Act of Alberta] attempt[s] at
salving the human wreckage which has been dumped from foreign
Emily Murphy (1932)
1. The Scope and Nature of Reproductive Rights
a. legal rights and freedoms relating to both reproduction
and reproductive health
- reproductive right is abortion
- Its more than abortion
- The reproductive rights are the legal rights and freedoms relating to both reproduction and reproductive
- Are associated with women
- Rests on the recognition that both sexes to decide the spacing and timing of when to have children
- ^ the information of birth control and to have birth control is part of reproductive rights
- reproductive health is the sexual and the health (include rights of everyone concerning reproduction and
free from discrimination and violence)
- Since some people bomb and kill doctors who are aborting therefore not performing “reproductive
b. historically included contraception, sterilization, abortion
and health care
- right to legal to right and safe abortion, to have your fetus to removed against your will, right to qualitity
health care, right to education and access
c. today the range of issues related to reproductive rights
has expanded greatly
- think about other issues like genetic testing (like if it’s a boy or girl)
- Selective abortion (if it’s a girl or has a physical disability)
- invetro infertalization, and if it belonged to a lesbian couple is the reproductive rights considered issues
for today
2. Reproductive Rights and the Eugenics Movement
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