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Previous exam review with all concepts to focus on to learn this year!

Social Science
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SOSC 1375
Jonathan Rudin
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SOSC1375 3.0 Introductory Socio-legal Studies
Midterm Preparation and Practice Questions
Test Format
As indicated in the course syllabus, the mid-term test will be held in class on February 8. It will
be scheduled for 1.5 hours and will begin at 4:30. It is worth 25% of your final grade.
The test will consist of two parts: the first part will include six short-answer questions, of which
you must answer five (worth 2 marks each); the second part will include two essay questions, of
which you must answer one (worth 15 marks).
All questions will focus on information from the first four lectures and corresponding readings
(January 4 – February 1 inclusive).
You will have 5 minutes to read through the test questions before the official start time. This will
allow you an opportunity to ask for clarification if needed, select the questions you plan to
answer, and to get your thoughts organized (or jitters under control) before you start writing.
The test questions will not be exactly the same as the practice questions, but will be of a similar
type. No surprises.
Some Ground Rules
Please arrive to class and be seated by or before 4:30. If you arrive late, you will have less time to
complete the test.
All coats and bags should be deposited at the front of the lecture hall before you sit down.
Cell phones and/or other electronic devices will not be permitted at your seat. Please make sure
they are off before putting them in your bag at the front of the lecture hall. If you want something
that keeps time, wear a watch.
Once you are seated you should have in front of you: one exam book (unopened), your student
ID, and something to write with. That’s it!
I will keep track of the time and alert you at the halfway point. I will alert you again when you
have 10 minutes remaining, at which point I ask you to please remain seated until the end of the
test so as to not disrupt those sitting around you. If you complete the test early, I strongly
recommend you take advantage of the extra time to go back and read carefully through your
answers, checking for clarity and accuracy.
At the end of the test, remain seated until all exams have been collected. This can take a few
minutes so please be patient – we want to ensure all of your work is received and accounted for.
Needless to say, anyone caught cheating will be asked to leave immediately and reported to the
Department of Social Science for an academic honesty hearing.
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