SOSC 1430 Study Guide - Final Guide: Millennium Development Goals, Surplus Labour, Chronic Poverty

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For the rst time, the urban population of the earth will outnumber the rural - transition may already have occurred. Earth has urbanized even faster than originally predicted in limits of growth . 1950 - 86 cities in the world with population over 1 million - and by 2015 - at least 550. Present urban population - larger than the total population of the world in 1960. Global countryside has reached its maximum population (3. 2 billion) and will begin to shrink after 2020. As a result, cities will account for all future world population growth - expected to peak at about 10 billion in 2050. Combined urban population of china, india, and brazil roughly equals that of europe plus. Burgeoning of new megacities with populations in excess of 8 million, and hypocrites with more than 20 million inhabitants. Little or no planning to accommodate these people or provide them with services".

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