SOSC 1510 Study Guide - Final Guide: Aristocracy, Avi Lewis, Work Council

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Section b essay questions- 2 answers x 5% each = 10% What is the purpose of a union? (loreto. Companies continue to reduce costs and increase profits to satisfy the shareholders and this puts most workers at risk - workers are constantly under attack from job loss, salary cuts, and mistreatment from employers. Definition: unions are simply democratic arrangements between workers and employers that endorse open communication, positive engagement and respectful negotiation (loreto, 2013, pp. Brings power, fairness, democracy and economic security - voice of working people: solidarity - terms and concepts, they bring equilibrium to the corporation vs labour equation by giving some power to the labour force. When you are creating civil relationships in the workplace it eliminates toxic work environment by eliminating the rivalry between the labour. Political and policy change to improve conditions for working people = justice.

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