SOSC 1510 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Good Life, Precarious Work, Wage Labour

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Used when government spending cuts and higher taxes. Occurs during a recession or period of a very weak economic growth. Ccce is a business association composed of the top 150 ceos from canada"s transnational. Corporations most powerful interest group in the country. Refers to the global integration of national economies achieved through the increased mobility of goods, services, labour and investment across national boundaries. North american free trade agreement designed to encourage greater trade and investment between us, mexico and canada. Canada us free trade agreement (cufta) and nafta tore down those tariff barriers. Once implemented corporations off-shored to produce more cheaply. Elevates the notion of the free market, lassie affairs, and advocated individualism and individual rights over collectivism or group rights reduce government intervention. Neoliberalism- an economic position, philosophic approach that embraces the principles of a free market and the primacy of private property.