SOSC 1510 Study Guide - Final Guide: Flextime

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19 Mar 2019

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Lately, the concept of standard working times has been dwindling, and in their place a variety of nonstandard employment has arised including the rise of part-time, casual, contract/term, on-call, temporary and precarious working time. These shifts have had important implications for women, youth, recent immigrants as well as the working class. Women, youth, recent immigrants, and workers who have been laid off find themselves compelled to accept part-time, short-term, or other precarious working positions. The balance of working hours and establishment of ser (standard employment relationship) had a short duration. From the 1960s, many wives and mothers entered the paid labour force as did rising numbers of young people working while going to school. As a result, many people accepted some form of shorter hours of work, which is why the 40-hour/five day work week has become less common among workers.

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