SOSC 2150 Study Guide - Health Promotion, Heroic Medicine, Chemotherapy

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There are two dominant paradigms that shape the understanding of health: health promotion and biomedical and alternative health. However most policies are formed around the first two mentioned. Models of health - are models that identify and isolate chief characteristics of a particular population in what relates to their health, it helps us define and better understand causal effects (why certain diseases occur in certain places) Understanding why helps us make changes for the better. When allopaths (doctors) and other practicioners (chiropractors, nurses etc) all worked together. It was based on humoral therapy: the idea that body and health are composed of four elements each refered to a body part) Belief that health is a balance between these four elements, and all therepeutics are based on principle of opposites : heroic medicine . Ie-if you were hot, they would apply something cold to you (opposite)

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