January 24: Our Dinner Tables, Our Health: Transnational Agribusiness Detailed organized lecture notes. Includes some notes on the movie. Useful for final exam.

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January 24: our dinner tables, our health: transnational agribusiness. Obesity not the only issue surrounding food consumption that needs to be examined. At the same time growing demands for fast- food industry and growth of chemical industries post wwii pesticides fertilizers. Now only 42 days: greater importing and exporting of food products, 6%--> 22% in 2000 us import of fruits. Also, increase cancer rates in rural farm living downstream book: food-borne diseases - mad cow disease, e-coli, etc. have increased over last few decades due to changing production processes. 1980s due to feeding approach - animals were no longer grazing by eating feeds supplemented with bi-products of other dead animals including diseased and infected animals as well. There have been disease containment strategies implemented but not enough overlooking of feeding practices. Iv) film: look food, inc. (dvd 12504: mosanto (a large tnc) declined being interviewed for film.

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