SOSC 2150 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Shigellosis, Status Group

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18 Oct 2012

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Social determinants are based on health analysis. Social determinants frameworks economic policies potentially have positive effects in health. Reformed which had positive affect would be increasing the minimum wage canada"s current minimum wage is not affordable for living conditions (health, food and shelter) Unemployment/employment insurance programs was a program significantly cut back in the last two decades currently, it does not support a family. Pensions, disability benefits are subsequent people with disabilities constitutes one of the lowest income which lead to poverty. Massive national day care programs were free of charge when in use. Nowadays, daycare centres are all charging families occurred when the war happened but after the war, they began to charge women for child care. 60s and 70s women and children entered the workforce (i. e. double day juggling full time work and child rearing) Having adequate affordable daycare is an important policy that can assist women"s lives.

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