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YORKSOSC 3375David SzablowskiWinter

[SOSC 3375] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 30 pages long Study Guide!

OC132252130 Page
29 Nov 2016
Legal realists of the 1920&1930s reacting against dominant ideas. That law consists of the positive commands of the sovereign. Law and legal interpreta
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YORKSOSC 3375David SzablowskiWinter

SOSC 3375 Study Guide - Final Guide: Family And Medical Leave Act Of 1993, Law & Society Review, Kashechewan First Nation

OC13225217 Page
18 Nov 2016
Legal mobilization: process by which individuals make claims about their legal rights and pursue legal avenues to defend or develop those rights. Legal
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YORKSOSC 3375Tanja JuricWinter

SOSC 3375 Study Guide - Secular Humanism, Securitization, Distinct Society

OC251845 Page
9 Apr 2013
Kymlica describes liberal multiculturalism as a process of citizenization where individuals use human rights language to filter and frame their identit
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YORKSOSC 3375David SzablowskiWinter

SOSC 3375 Study Guide - Final Guide: Racialization, Miranda Warning, Critical Legal Studies

OC1791593 Page
7 Apr 2016
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YORKSOSC 3375Tanja JuricFall

SOSC 3375 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lifeworld, Law Of Obligations, Social Contract

OC16457996 Page
10 Dec 2018
Within people, individual persons will always have unique perspectives; none is determined by their lifeworld. Without having begun to internalize out
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YORKSOSC 3375Reese SimpkinsSpring

SOSC 3375- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 29 pages long!)

Jarred Singhera29 Page
29 Mar 2018
Michel foucault has contributed to the socio-legal realm with various theories revolving around history, political theory, sociology and gender studies
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YORKSOSC 3375Reese SimpkinsWinter

SOSC 3375 Midterm: Critical Analysis #1 SOSC 3375

OC7125686 Page
9 Mar 2020
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