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Social Science
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SOSC 3380
Paul Craven

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Becker Milk 1. Who are the parties? a. Becker Milk Co. Ltd - company b. Abe Hajjar, Millum Arsenijevic, Marson Najem, Dimitros Dristas – store managers 2. What is the forum? a. Employment Standards Determination, Ontario 3. Whose decision? a. Single adjucator 4. What is the issue between the parties, how does it arise? a. If the four store managers are employees or independent contractors, if their duties are ONLY managerial. b. Question directed by minister of labour 5. What tests? Fourfold test: a. Chance of loss or profit – they didn’t have any, except they had a limited allowance of loss due to breakage, which shows evenfurther control by the company b. Ownership of tools – company owned the facilities, as well as the stock, uniforms c. Control – store managers could not do any other business, without written c
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