SOSC 4000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Disinformation, The Techniques

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Engagements" of one kind or another while real news" received 7. 3 million. How social media is a tool for modern information-age warfare. social networking, propaganda, and news and information sharing. Russia as a state actor, with each providing evidence of successful influence operations using social media. Coercion and persuasion will continue to be decisive factors in information warfare as more countries attempt to build influence operations on social media. The second case describes the pattern of russian hacking, espionage, disinformation, and manipulation of social media with a particular focus on the united states presidential election of 2016. Evidence for this second case study comes from nearly two years of research on twitter accounts believed to be part of a russian information warfare network. The techniques russia uses today are similar to those they used during the cold war, but dissemination is more widespread through social media. On the night of 11 november 2015, #prayformizzou began trending on twitter.

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