SOSC 4000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Disinformation, Maladjusted

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Sosc 4000 exam notes supporting already-constructed identity claims. They define disinformation as intentional falsehoods spread as news stories or simulated documentary formats to advance political goals. Point out that fake news is co-constructed by the audience the interactive nature of social networks has offered a new type of information environment where the proliferation and consumption of news is not separable from interaction around news. Russian internet has been filled with online battles over the interpretation of russia"s role in the conflict in ukraine. His interviews and speeches were peppered with memorable, witty lines that were easily disseminated on youtube: his friendships with numerous celebrities, including beyonc , jay-z, bruce springsteen, Trolling has become normalised through the rise of a disturbing new practice: government by trolling. In the united states, it is becoming more common for republican and democratic lawmakers to propose legislation that serves no purpose other than to troll the other side.

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