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Intro to Stagecraft I- Definitions.docx

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THEA 1010
Gwenyth Dobie

Intro to Stagecraft I Proscenium: (fire wall hole) the arch that frames the stage in which the audience views the show; from Greek theatre (house vs. stage- 2 different rooms) False Proscenium: a theatre that is put in for a show but not part of the structure of the theatre Up stage: raked stages present show, upstage is the farthest end from the audience (house is flat) Down stage: end closest to the audience Stage Left/ Stage Right: from actors point of view, facing audience Plaster Line: imaginary line from proscenium end left to proscenium line right Centre Line: exactly center part of plaster line form upstage to downstage at a right angle Quarter Line: parallel to center mid way between 1 leg or proscenium and the center line Offstage: on stage level, out of sight from the audience Backstage: every part of the theatre that is not open to the audience Wings: areas that are offstage left and right (ballet space between legs) Stage House: building separate
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