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THEA 1900
Dalton Kehoe

Study Question 1 Explain the ways in which our interpretive lens defined here as our way of seeing and defining the world based on our cultural ethnic age sexual gender orientation and so on may influence the manner we perceive and experience a theatrical event The answer to this question should reflect all the reading and lecture materials covered in the course and should draw on your own experiences of attending or viewing theatrical performancesResponseTheatrical event is an artistic form of communication the ways in which the audiences generate a basic understanding of the messages the artists are trying to convey are largely based on a shared culture For example through a mutual level of understanding of a language shared cultural values references as well as experiences by the majority Jestrovic Playwright Between LanguagesESL journey of writing between languages in cultureoPlaywrights language never fully monolinguistic It involves different idioms as means of characterizationCounts on the meaning generated through subtext movements gestures and images that come into play through the process of staging oThe gap between languages often manifests itself as a dilemma between expressive and communicational languageie example of my language barrier with parents as a Canadian born ChineseEven if I successfully communicated the message I probably didnt express it the way I wanted tooA writers split between languages points to the impossibility of producing meaning thorough one single language and cultural system two idiomsoUse this language barrier as an aesthetic means of deautomatizing wornout expressions and of enriching linguistic conventions with new meaningThus expressive and communicational functions of language become fulfilled by means of two different idioms in the process of combination and mutual translationRepresentationohow a work is written and how it is read are coloured by who wrote itoPlaywright has to think about how his ideas are being represented through language Understanding differs from drawing meaning
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