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MUSI 1530 (Rock & Popular Music) - FULL Course Notes (90 pgs)

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York University
THEA 4360
Matt Vander Woude

INTRO 110517 502 PM Exam FINALprobably not cumulativeTFMCShort Essay 3 general topics given in advance1 on examTested on songs played in classdiscussed Questionscontextual Not significant part of evaluation Strong connection between booklectureswont trick us on exams Lecture NOTESon WebCT after class Article Readingsabout 3 throughout year Lecture ONEIntroductionMusic Terminology Reading Chapter 1 110517 502 PM Tuesday May 3 2011A AESTHETICS a Music embodies numerical principles and affirms laws of nature Pythagorasb Music affirms a progressive mastery of performance techniques and sound patterns Music is divided into truerationalprogressive and initiativeimpressionisticreactionary AristotleAdomo c Music is selfcontained phenomenological system the form of which is not derived from its relation to any other reality but is identical with the principle of its own organization AristoxenousHanslickd Music is a source of innocent pleasure Epicurus e Music manipulates f Music expresses NOT TESTED on this area B CHARACTERISTICS OF MUSICAL STYLE When we hear music we listen to music as a GestaltGestaltsum of the parts are greater than the whole When you hear music you hear parts working together to produce an effect that is greater than the wholeWhen we ascribe meaning to musicMeaningPhilosophy 31 Knowledge 2 Ethics Legal3 Aesthetics mainly SMHRF 51 Soundacoustical experience that can be quantified and measured measured in Hertz smallest unit of sound is a hertz cycles per secondMap of sound Spectrumcontinuum pg 3 Sound continuumdivided into smaller unitsand those smaller units of gradation are pitchesPianorepresents very small part range of the overall sound continuumPitchfundamental unit of soundTimbretone colour the acoustic properties that give each instrumentvoice its unique soundSong Motherless ChildrenBlind Willie Johnson 1927 CD211 South 1920s Street evangelist black performerlived on streetFolk spiritual Black religious musicTimbre variationnot all coarseraspy From Africa Attitude different from European productionBill Canto clear soundvoice egclassical music History of Song 1865conclusion of civil warcultural emancipation of blacks1867Reconstructionperiod following civil warsto In Memphis Tennessee1 Black CollegeFisk College now Uni in US o Started choir to give benefit concerts for money among white population they had money White audiencesEuropean decentraised by classical music Sang spirituals and Europeanized themMade concert hall from proceeds made from choirWednesday May 4 2011 TextureThe fabric of a composition or section of music o Most common formsResponsorial Texture Call and response An antecedent and consequent relationship between distinct phrases andor rhythms Example in classRow row yourboat
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