WRIT 3003- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 39 pages long!)

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Objectives: to understand how communication works, to recognize barriers to communication, to consider di erences in communication, to assess the costs of miscommunication, to recognize the importance of audience. What is communication: is the process by which a sender and receiver exchange information, basic communication model: 3. message is transmitted through a channel. How does communication work: e ective communication conveys. Flow - consideration: communication ows downward, upward, and horizontally, formal communication. Lines of authority a ect ow: filtering, mum e ect. Would rather not give bad news or report problems: con icting roles, informal communication. Method - considerations: face to face communication provides more information. Audio and visual cues - tone, facial expression, body language. Synchronization - immediate, two-way, real time response: computer-mediated communication. Language - considerations: do you speak the same language. Body language: facial expression, gestures, gaze, touch, proximity. Monday, september 11, 2017: props, artifacts, costumes.

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