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Study Guides for LAW 121G at University of Auckland

Law and Society

LAW 121G Final: Comprehensive exam notes

Law MY NOTES Exercise: Provide a one paragraph summary of what ...

LAW 121G
Jane Kelsey
LAW 121G Final: Main law concepts (B.C.D)

Natural Law: -Big Pharma and antiretroviral: Natural Law on IP is ...

LAW 121G
Jane Kelsey
LAW 121G Final: Case summaries

The Tribunal is charged with reporting on whether any future legisl...

LAW 121G
Jane Kelsey
LAW 121G Final: Exam questions breakdown

Key issues Constitution: What is NZs current arrangement? S...

LAW 121G
Jane Kelsey
LAW 121G Study Guide - Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand, Tino Rangatiratanga, Waitangi Tribunal

Parliamentary supremacy Parliament can enact any law it pleases, ...

LAW 121G
Law and Society (LAW 121) Study Notes (1).pdf

LAW 121 – Law and Society ...

LAW 121G
Dr.Smits, Professor Morrow,andotherguestlecturers

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