GEOL-107 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: List Of Statistical Packages, Rstudio, Biostatistics

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8 Jun 2019
Copyright 2016Dept. of Statistics and Data Sciences, UT AustinSDS328M:
BiostatisticsSpring 2017UniqueNo:57340, 57345,
57350Lecture:MW9am-10:30amin BUR 116Lab:Tuesday10am-11am,11am-12pm,12-1pm
WEL 2.144Course Canvas Site:
utexas.instructure.comInstructor:Email:Office:Steven GDC 7.505Office hours:MW11am-12:30pm
UTC 4.120Fridayby appointmentGraduate Teaching
Assistant(teacheslab sessions):Gerard Wallace Email:
gnw@utexas.eduOffice hours:T 8am-9:30am
TH 1:30pm-3pmUndergraduate Teaching Assistants:Karthik
JagannathMolly Herdman
Anamaria DraganLab: 10-11(57340)Lab:
11-12(57345)Lab: 12-1(57350)COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course is
designed to help studentsdevelop a basic understanding of
biostatistics. By the end of this course, youwillhave a
good working knowledge of statistical data analysis and
interpretation, be able to determine the best analysis plan
for a specific scientific question or experiment, choose
and carry out the most appropriate statistical analyses, and
identify potential flaws with either the set-up of
anexperiment or the analysis of its data. By the end
of the course, youwill also be familiar with conducting
analyses using the statistical software R.COURSE OBJECTIVESThe
assessmentsin this course are designed to help students
meet three course objectives:1)Learnthe basics of data
analysis, specifically the statistical methods commonly used
in application to biological, medical and health sciences
research.2)Learnhow to interpret thefindings of data analysis
and report the findings in scientific language.3)Learnhow
to analyze and model real-world data using the software
course packet (available on Canvas) or purchase a
bound version from Jenn sCopy on 22ndSt. (~$12) and
bring it to every class. Registerwith Squarecap ($8 per
semester, $12 for 1 year, or $30 for four years) and
bring a web-enabled device to every class: Downloadand install thestatistics software
package Rand the user-friendly interface RStudio (both are
free): www.r-
project.orgwww.rstudio.comRECOMMENDED TEXTBOOKWhitlock, M.C. and D.
Schluter. The Analysis of Biological Data, 1stor 2nded.,Roberts
and Company Publishers, 2014. Books can be purchased at
the UT Co-opand a few copies are on reserve at
the Life Science and PMA Libraries.
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