ART-2030 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Red-Figure Pottery, Solid Oxygen

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5 May 2020
Greece Study Guide Section 2
Compare black and red figure pottery in terms of technique and the visual
differences between them. Describe the firing process for both types. Which do
the Greeks prefer and why?
Black Figure and Red Figure pottery have
different techniques
Black Figure pottery
positive areas or figures are slipped
Slipped using a mixture of water
and colored clay
These areas are painted with the
mixture to create different effects
during the firing process
Easier to do than Red Figure pottery
Red Figure pottery
the negative areas are slipped
Have to work somewhat backwards
is more difficult to do
allows for more flexibility
work appears more three dimensional
the firing process is the same for both types
pottery is placed into a kiln with oxygen
oxygen turns everything on the piece red
oxygen is then removed
piece is left to smolder, turning it black
oxygen returns and any areas that were
not slipped returned to the earlier red
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