ART-2030 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Sed Festival, Amenemhat I, Reining

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5 May 2020
Egypt Study Guide Section 4
Amenemhat 1st
What ritual is the king doing in the image? How is this image, the ritual, and time
a conundrum?
The piece depicts King Amenemhat I in his Heb Sed ritual
Heb Sed ritual
event done when a king reached his 30th year of reining
King Amenemhat never reached 30 years
He died after only 29 years
never had a Heb Sed ritual.
The piece was already made = problem
Egyptians believed that if something was written in hieroglyphs it was true and
that it happened
however everyone knows this even never happened
Also believed they could never destroy something with hieroglyphs
the piece had to be hidden
Issue with making an image of an event before it takes place
there is a chance it may not happen
result in lies like with this piece of King Amenemhat I
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