ART-2030 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Kritios, Kouros

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5 May 2020
Greece Study Guide Section 3
Boy by Kritios.
How does he fit 2 of the 3 qualities of Severe Style? What’s the one he doesn’t
have? Why do the Greeks change to Severe? How does “Boy” break away from
previous kouri statues?
statue is known as Boy
by the sculptor Kritios
in the Severe Style
has 3 main characteristics
lack of emotion in
clothes with crisp and
flat folds
little to no movement.
This statue has two of the
three characteristics
face shows little
his position lacks
one he lacks is the folds in clothing
Because the statue is male
he is not wearing clothes
there are no folds
Severe Style mainly comes from a large shift in Greek culture
after the Persians tried to invade Greece
previously, art was largely inspired by Near Eastern cultures
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