ART-2030 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Qin Shi Huang, Qin Dynasty, Terracotta Army

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7 Jun 2020
China Study Guide Section 2
Terracotta Army. Who made them? Why
made? Who are they made for? Why are they
so realistic? Give examples of this realism.
made for Qin Shi Huangdi
Emperor in in the Qin Dynasty
by prisoners that were arrested under
Huangdi’s strict laws
soldiers were made to fight for Huangdi in
the afterlife
they are realistic in a variety of different
individualized soldiers
nine different types
within each type, all of the
statues had the same body,
but each face was unique
the generals and one type of officer
the statues had names on the
back of their neck
it is known that the statues
are meant to represent
individual people who actually
lived and likely held those
statues without names
likely made to depict the faces
of the prisoners who made
the statues featured individualized
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