REL-2010 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Contract, Septuagint, Yahweh

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7 Feb 2017

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Religion 2010 Old Testament
Prof. Duke
Test 1 Material
The Old Testament
- a collection of writings from the 1st millennium BCE by Jew
- 24 Hebrew books
- 39 Protestant books
- anywhere from 1500 BCE to 200 BCE
- written in Hebrew, some Aarmaic
- authorative, defining views of the world and a way of life
- law, prophetic oracles, history, story, hymns, wisdom, apocalyptic, etc
- creation, Abraham 1800 BCE to Ezra 400 BCE
Product with Several Dimensions
- human- product of human experience, reflections, style of writing
- historical- product of a specific time and culture, historical meaning
- literary- literary forms and connections
- religious- religious experience and understanding of reality
- these dimensions are inextricably intertwined
1. Recognize these intertwined dimensions and not just read as a modern reader
2. Put aside own questions, issues, and perspectives and try to see questions, issues,
and perspectives of OT writings
testament- legally binding agreement
Torah/Law/Penatateuch- first 5 books
Lord- Adonai generic name
God- Elohim generic name
LORD- Yaweh personal name, more sacred/divine name
LXX- Greek translation of the OT
Apocrypha- hidden books
Old Testament Main 4 Events
- Abraham- called by God, promised descendants would become a nation, a land, etc. (ethnic
- Exodus Law- key event was deliverance from slavery in Egypt, led to covenant relationship,
giving of law (religious identity)
- Enter land and became a nation (landed ID, political ID)
- Eile ad restoratio (arks diisio betee Israelite ad Judea histor
OT documents are difficult to date
- distance in time between events, and the dates they are recorded, leads to skepticism
- external sources are often lacking
- prehistorical = before crown
- historical = political Israel
- theological perspective- less objective to modern historians, leaves gaps in the record
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