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Fall Novice Tournament 2011 Round 7: Tossups 1. Following a meeting with Ludwig Windthorst, this man was asked to resign by Wilhelm II. This man provoked a war that saw fighting at Konigrattz and was known as the Seven Weeks’ War. He targeted the Catholic Church with the May Laws and published the Ems Dispatch to start the Franco- Prussian War. This man was famed for his Kulturkampf and his use of realpolitik. For 10 points, name this Prussian Chancellor who promised “blood and iron” to unify Germany. ANSWER: Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg 2. In one painting by this man, the background is slashed through by eight dark, vertical lines. This artist of Blue Poles and husband of Lee Krasner painted a Shakespeare-inspired work lined with streaks of orange and teal paint, entitled Full Fathom Five. This creator of Autumn Rhythm was known for flinging paint onto canvases in order to create works like Lavender Mist. For 10 points, name this Abstract Expressionist action painter sometimes known as “Jack the Dripper.” ANSWER: Jackson Pollock 3. These compounds react with alkyl halides in the Williamson ether synthesis, and react with carboxylic acids in the Fischer esterification. They can be synthesized by reducing aldehydes and ketones. The simplest one, with chemical formula CH O3, can cause blindness or death when drunk and is known as methanol. For 10 points, name these organic compounds which contain an OH group, one example of which is found in beer and wine. ANSWER: alcohols 4. In one novel by this author, Etienne Lantier leads a coal miner’s strike, while another of this author’s characters destroys all men who pursue her, such as Georges Hugon. This author of Germinal and Nana wrote a letter to the newspaper L’Aurore attacking the French government’s anti-Semitism and imprisonment of Alfred Dreyfus. For 10 points, identify this author of the Rougons-Macquarts cycle who penned the letter “J’Accuse.” ANSWER: Emile Zola 5. This anthropologist described the matriarchal society of the Chambri in her Sex and Temperament in three Primitive Societies. In her most famous work, which was criticized by Derek Freeman, she observed adolescent women in the title archipelago and concluded that their transition to adulthood was smoother than it is in Western society. One of Franz Boas’s students at Columbia along with Ruth Benedict was, for 10 points, which cultural anthropologist who wrote Coming of Age in Samoa? ANSWER: Margaret Mead 6. This empire, under Cambyses II, attempted to invade Kush without success. Under king Artaxerxes I, this empire’s capital was moved to Babylon and Zoroastrianism was established as the state religion. One ruler of this empire was killed by Bessus after the Battle of Gaugamela; that king was Darius III. This empire triumphed over the Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae under Xerxes I. For ten points, name this empire founded by Cyrus the Great that made up most of modern day Iran. ANSWER: Persian Empire [accept Achaemenid Empire] 7. This song was Jason Sudekis’s ringtone in the opening sequence of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, and one version of this song popularized the phrases “everybody’s Russian” and “my hand is a dolphin.” One man in this song raps that “passin’ by is a school bus in front of me” and other lyrics in this song include “Gotta get down to the bus stop” and “We we so excited.” For ten points, name this song about the title day, the masterwork of Rebecca Black. ANSWER: “Friday” 8. One work by this author repeatedly mentions an “Unreal City,” while another poem by this author states that “this is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper.” This poet of “The Hollow Men” wrote the lines “In the room the women come and go/talking of Michelangelo” in addition to a poem beginning “April is the cruellest month.” For ten points, name this Anglo-American author of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and “The Waste Land.” ANSWER: Thomas Stearns Eliot 9. Sects in this faith include the Soto and Rinzai, and important texts in this faith include The Gateless Gate and the Blue Cliff Record. Bodhidharma brought this faith to China, and it was born out of the Flower Sermon. Members of this faith meditate on Koans, questions or statements lacking logical solutions, an example of which asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” For 10 points, name this form of Buddhism popular in Japan, known for meditation and its namesake rock gardens. Answer: Zen Buddhism [accept Chan Buddhism; prompt on “Buddhism” before mentioned; prompt on “Mahayana Buddhism” throughout] 10. Hydra and Nix orbit this astronomical object. Discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, this object forms a binary system with its largest satellite. This largest known Kuiper Belt object will be studied in 2015 by the New Horizons spacecraft. In 2006, the discovery of Eris prompted the reclassification of this object, whose largest satellite is Charon. For 10 points, name this dwarf planet, formerly the ninth planet in the Solar System. ANSWER: Pluto 11. One author from this country wrote plays such as The Death of Pompey and The Cid. Comedies from this country include one in which Orgon and his mother fall under the influence of the title hypocrite, and another in which Alceste criticizes the flaws of those around him. Those plays from this country are Tartuffe and The Misanthrope. For 10 points, name this nation whose dramatists have included Corneille [CORE-neh-yuh] and Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Moliere. ANSWER: France [accept word forms like “French,” “Francais”] 12. One god of this type hid in a cave after her brother Susanoo threw a half-flayed horse at her, and was eventually lured out with a mirror. In Greek myth, one of these gods had a herd of sacred cattle that was killed and eaten by Odysseus’s crew. In Egyptian mythology, a god of this type fights the demon Apep and became the god of Akhenaten’s new monotheistic religion. For 10 points, name this type of god, including Amaterasu, Amun-Ra, and Helios, associated with a shining heavenly body. ANSWER: sun gods/deities [accept equivalents like solar god or god of the Sun] 13. His last speech dealt with the Memphis Sanitation Strike. In a more famous speech, he refused to “believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt.” In addition to writing Letter from Birmingham Jail, this man was assassinated by James Earl Ray. After leading the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, this man led the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and spoke at the March on Washington. For 10 points, name this civil rights leader who, on the Lincoln Memorial steps, stated “I Have A Dream.” ANSWER: Martin Luther King Jr. [accept MLK] 14. The Mato Grosso plateau can be found in this nation's center. It is home to the source of the Paraná River, and its other rivers include one named for and explored by Theodore Roosevelt. One of its cities is home to Sugarloaf Mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Its largest city is Sao Paulo, though better known may be its second-largest city of Rio de Janeiro. The home to most of the Amazon River is, for 10 points, what largest country in South America? ANSWER: Federative Republic of Brazil [accept Republica Federativa do Brasil] 15. This process is initiated by the formation of MPF complexes from CDKs and cyclins. In plants, a cell plate forms at the end of this process, which is usually followed by cytokinesis. This process is preceded by the G1, S, and G2 phases, which are all part of interphase. It consists of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. For 10 points, name this process by which a cell divides into two identical daughter cells. ANSWER: mitosis 16. This poet wrote a poem in which he asks the title creature “dost thou know who made thee?” In this man’s most famous poem, the title creature is asked “what immortal hand or eye / dare frame thy fearful symmetry” and burns bright “in the forests of the night.” Both of those poems appeared in this man’s Songs of Innocence and Experience. For 10 points, name this poet of The Lamb and The Tyger. ANSWER: William Blake 17. This piece’s librettist, Charles Jennens, included songs like “Then shall the eyes of the blind” and “He shall feed his flock” to describe healing and redemption in the fifth scene of the first part. This piece’s third part ends with the choral “Worthy is the Lamb.” King George II was apocryphally inspired to stand by one section of this work. The “Hallelujah” chorus is a part of, for 10 points, what oratorio by George Frederic Handel about the life of Christ, often performed during Advent? ANSWER: Messiah [accept HWV 56] 18. This city was invaded by Wat Tyler during the Peasants’ Revolt. Earlier, this city had been the target of the Iceni revolt, led by Boudica. Christopher Wren rebuilt St. Paul’s Cathedral following a 1666 fire in this city, which was home to the Globe Theater. Roger Mortimer and Guy Fawkes have been held in this city’s namesake “Tower”, which now holds the Crown Jewels worn by leaders such as Queen Victoria. For 10 points, name this city on the River Thames, the capital of the United Kingdom. ANSWER: London 19. This word describes a boy in the title of a painting by Thomas Gainsborough, and in Jan Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, the girl wears a headband of this color. Pablo Picasso’s Rose Period followed a period named after this color, and his painting The Old Guitarist is primarily this color. Orange is this color’s complement, and variations of it include cyan, azure, and turquoise. For 10 points, name this color that, together with red and yellow, is one of the primary colors. ANSWER: blue 20. One type of this substance was first observed in cosmic ray decay chains by Carl Anderson. Baryogenesis theories attempt to explain its relative scarcity in the universe today. In 2011, the ATRAP experiment cooled 309 atoms of this substance. It can be created via pair production, for example, when a photon decays into an electron and a positron. For 10 points, name this type of substance that annihilates, releasing energy, when it is combined with normal matter. ANSWER: antimatter or antiparticles [prompt on antihydrogen; accept positrons or antielectrons before “ATRAP” is read] TIEBREAKER 21. One of this author’s novels concerns a teenager’s relationship with Clive Durham and is an autobiographical work about the author’s own homosexuality. This author of Maurice wrote about a work set in Florence in which George Emerson and Lucy Honeychurch elope. In another of this man’s novels, Adela Quested accuses Dr. Aziz of rape on a trip to the Marabar Caves. For 10 points, name this English author of A Room with a View and A Passage to India. ANSWER: Edward Morgan Forster Fall Novice Tournament 2011 Round 7: Bonuses 1. The Dream of the Red Chamber and Romance of the Three Kingdoms are two of this country’s four great classical novels. For 10 points each: [10] Name this nation. Another novel from this nation, Journey to the West, tells of monkey king Sun Wukong. ANSWER: China [10] This Amy Tan novel tells about four Chinese immigrant families in San Francisco who play Mahjong together. The three mothers and four daughters share vignettes about their lives. ANSWER: The Joy Luck Club [10] Chinese author Gao Xingjian's novel Soul Mountain features two main characters: I and this one who has a relationship with she. In English, this pronoun is used in the second person. ANSWER: you 2. This organization famously released over 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables. For ten points each: [10] Name this website that has come under fire in many countries for supposedly undermining their national security. Answer: WikiLeaks [10] This Australian hacker founded WikiLeaks and was recently accused of sexual assault. Answer: Julian Assange [10] An online poll sponsored by this magazine named Julian Assange the “Readers Choice Person of the Year”, though it ended up selecting Mark Zuckerberg as the “Person of the Year”. ANSWER: Time Magazine 3. Bright glows on this object known as LTPs were seen by the Apollo 11 crew. For 10 points each: [10] Name this celestial body that orbits the Earth and causes tides. ANSWER: the Earth’s Moon [accept Luna] [10] This astronaut piloted the Apollo 11 lunar module and became the second man to step on the Moon after Neil Armstrong. ANSWER: Buzz Aldrin [accept Edwin Aldrin Jr.] [10] Apollo 11 landed in one of these lunar features. Their name is a misnomer, as their dark coloration is due to basalt, not water. Notable ones include Tranquility, Serenity, and Fertili
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